Why Disqus sucks

Disqus is one of the most wide spread comment system for WordPress as well as other blog platform used by many popular blog and yet is sucks. Why? The short answer is ignoring what user/customer wants is the best way to failure. I started to think about implementing Disqus for comments on this blog after reading positive reviews and seeing it implemented on Mashable and other blogs. Then I tried it myself. And I was very disappointed.

Let’s start form registering account at Disqus. Instead of providing you advantages Disqus makes your online comment experience worse. Now instead of linking your comments to your blog url or Twitter or Facebook it’s linked to your Disqus profile. And there’s no way to change that.

Moreover, there’re question about Disqus integrity. I tried to delete my Disqus profile 10 times and every times Disqus system confirmed that my profile will be deleted within 48 hours. But it never happened. Ridiculous.

So what’s going to happen with the comments in the Disqus discussion system if I sometime in the future want to switch to another comment system? Will they be locked at Disqus the same way as my account? Looks like too risky to try.

But the root problem which provide base for existence of such services as Disqus is the lack of free reliable and flexible OpenID solution for commenting on WordPress and other blog platforms. What is the most used feature of Disqus? Sign up to comment using popular social network profiles such as Twitter and Facebook. Is it too difficult to implement? I don’t think so.

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15 thoughts on “Why Disqus sucks

  1. I agree that it sucks. I almost don’t feel like commenting when I see that disqus is in use… especially on a site talking about opensource. I frequently feel that people want what’s on their PC to be opensource, but they don’t care much about openness when it comes to web services.

  2. Not only does it suck but we have removed it from all of our blogs. When I first started using it I thought how cool… I could keep track of all my comments around the Internet but as you mentioned that has it’s drawback. I don’t need another “page” of useless comments that a reader has to muddle through to find the original link. In conclusion nothing against what Mashable and other blogs review it’s always better to customize your presence on the Net for your liking and those of your readers… I never base any decisions on what’s popular. Always nice to see people testing, researching, then implementing. Great read thanks

  3. I’m having issues with Disqus now as well. I migrated my blog from blogspot to my own domain and I lost all of my Disqus comments. They’re still in Disqus, but they aren’t showing up on my blog. I’m pretty upset about this because I value comments. And Disqus support has not responded to my e-mails or questions via twitter.

    Gabriella, you mentioned that you removed Disqus from your blogs. Did you lose your comments? If so, were you able to restore them?

  4. Yes, that is the worst part about Disqus, loads of technical issues and good luck trying to get help from them to solve your problem. You upload a ticket from their help page and then they turn around and tell you to email them directly. You email them directly, they tell you to put in a ticket on the website. You contact them on Twitter, they ask you to email them. You do all of this and get the run around for days and your blog sits there, with no ability to be commented on.

  5. I’m totally sick of Disqus, ALL my comments were removed with NO warning before for NO reason, I did not EVER spam and I did not EVER fill my comments with swearing.

    I am VERY annoyed at what has happened and is can’t seem to get an answer as to why it happened.

  6. Thanks so much for this article. I went hunting for resolving problems with Disqus and this post (much to the annoyance of the Disqus folks, I’m sure) was near the top. I have been having persistent problems with my email subscribers being unable to post to the disqus comments. Additionally, it doesn’t play nice (formatting-wise) with a number of WordPress themes.

    Until they improve their product substantially, I’m out. I just wanted you to know how this post figured prominently in that equation.

  7. I agree, it is terrible, but mostly because it violates my privacy. I don’t want to give up so much information just to interact with the online world. I don’t like the log in choices and you have no choice to be anonymous. So basically, everyone is so conditioned to now giving up information that no one wants to give up that everyone forgot we consumers are king. Disqus wants me to register through a link and have a crappy profile, neither of these things I wish to do. Whenever, I see Disqus being used, I notice the comments are generally far less informative of a discussion than I wish to partake in, because you would have to be retarded to be willing to use it to begin with. Additionally, I like every other sane person, just stops viewing websites that use Disqus because its usage on a website speaks mountains to what that website owner thinks of me and how I relate to his/her, in other words, I am a cattle-based consumer that engages without thought and because I am told to do so. All of this is annoying, and they could go about it another way. It is clear that Disqus sells such information, and does data processing to generate profit, and they like many other datawarehouses have delusions of grandeur. Other people a part of the stake in selling all my information, and maybe I will express an interest. I probably won’t but do require me to use such bullshit to write on a site. I mean, most blogs and websites lack the content of a real newspaper and Disqus takes away the one thing that most people engage in the internet for to begin with, an qualitative interaction that leads to more meaningful understanding than just a simple article they could passively read. It’s like, websites think they have figure us out but they haven’t. There is still much to be learned, and they shouldn’t try to bite the hand that feeds them, because people want options and options to opt out. Disqus thinks we only want an online popularity contest to see who has the most positive checks next to their name. We are not 16 and such an application should be reserved for Tiger magazine and Teen Beat’s blog, ok maybe TMZ too but leave the adults alone. BTW, great idea to discuss this point because I have long thought this and I am happy to know others also hate it as much, which I basically thought but needed confirming.

  8. This is very disheartening. I’ve found Disqus to be virtually unusable in Opera. I hoped that creating a Disqus profile would enable me to comment on sites that use it, and it just about does, but nothing works properly. I can’t log in to comment, but if instead I post using the email address that belongs to my Disqus profile, then the comment gets attached to that regardless of whether I want it to or not.

    It works in Firefox but still seems utterly crappy.

    So far I’ve experienced it far more as an obstacle to commenting than as a comment system.

  9. I really dislike it, its taking over one of my favorite blogs. Im gonna have to stay away from it on what have read about it. So sanatized? And cant erase info like aol? and the show 1 reply for each reply makes me wanna punch my ipad. I dont wanna type more than i have to.. I liked 130 comments loading all on one page. Disqus! there aint anything being said really..

  10. The question still remains. How do I COMPLETELY delete my disqus account? Is my yahoo linked permanently to disqus? What a joke and a waste of time.

  11. Disqus sucks!!! Hippie liberals run it so that if you leave a comment that disagrees with a liberal, you will be flagged out of existence. Meanwhile, I’ve seen liberals cursing and lying daily with no worries from disqus. Unless you’re running a democrat bolg, stay away from this San Francisco abortion of a company

  12. For a number of sites where I post comments, and they happen to be through Disqus, I am finding that many comments are not posted on the sites. I have contacted two sites and they can’t determine what the problem is. I have contacted Disqus and I am awaiting a response. My suspicion is that it is Disqus that is dropping my comments (funny, Disqus ups the count but the comment does not show up on the site or on my Disqus dashboard).

    I do link building for my website so it is pretty important for me to be able to post comments. And for all my effort to compose good comments, it is a disappointment to not see my comments show up.

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