IE6 update warning: 6 ways to tell your site visitors to upgrade

ie6 warning signIE6 update warning and suggestion to upgrade Firefox 3.5, Google Chrome or IE8 is currently displayed by Youtube to all IE6 visitors: ‘we will be phasing out support for your browser’. Previously Digg team started to talk about dropping support for IE6 users because IE6 compatible development requires unreasonable amount of resources spent.

The more websites will support IE6 upgrade movement the more users and web developers will be happier. Users will get modern, speedier, more useful browsers and developers get rid of hours and hours of headache, workarounds and hacks. Though IE6 currently has 15% market share and is far from being dead, you can join hundreds of other site owners who already dropped ie6 support for their sites.

How you can be involved to help IE6 users to switch from browser which is ‘holding back the web’? There’re number of sites and tools which could help you to warn your IE6 website visitors to upgrade because some of them really don’t know that their internet experience can be connected with anything besides IE6.

The IE6 upgrade warning
The IE6 upgrade warning is a little script (7.9kb) that displays a warning message politely informing the user to upgrade the browser to a newer version (links to newest IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome are provided).The webpage is still visible behind a transparent background, but access to it is prevented.
IE6 upgrade warning

IE6 Update
IE6 Update looks like IE’s Information Bar, but instead of offering your visitors an ActiveX plugin, it offers a browser update. When the user clicks on the bar, it takes them to the official Internet Explorer website. You can also change a code a little bit and point user to Firefox download page. There’s also WordPress plugin which uses this technique.

IE6 Warning Message
Script provided by this site shows an upgrade-message to IE 6 users, the script can be configured. You can also download the iFrame source code to use in on your own web server.
ie6 warning message
IE6 visitors with out-dated browser will be informed by a little, not disturbing bar that their browser is not up-to-date and it is recommended to update. By clicking the bar, IE6 users will get to an info page with arguments why to change/update and some browser choices.
browser update

Pushing up the web
A subtle upgrade link is shown when people visit your website using an outdated browser. They can click this link to visit the upgrade website for that browser, or choose to be reminded after a time you specify. Here’s link to WordPress plugin

Sevenup: Encourage the world to get rid of IE6!
When viewed in IE6 or older, a pure-CSS lightbox pops up, suggesting that the user upgrade their outdated web browser. You can either require the upgrade, or let them through with a warning. Sevenup explains in plain terms WHY they should WANT to upgrade.

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9 thoughts on “IE6 update warning: 6 ways to tell your site visitors to upgrade

  1. Here’s the thing… I put one of these on my site for a little while, and rec’d a pile of emails from people who use IE6.

    They all went something like this: ” I tried to access your site, but I got a warning message that I needed to upgrade my computer, my grandson / daughter / son / IT Dept, has told me not to change anything”.

    Furthermore they all warned me that they wouldn’t visit again, because they thought I was trying to download a virus with the message.

    I just don’t think that IE6 will die! The people who are hanging on at this point just aren’t savvy enough to make the change.


  2. Glenn Powell: Why do you care so much about the idiots? Let them rot with their infernal IE6, the browser that takes up 70% of all my development time on every project.

  3. Thanks for the mention of IE6Update and all the other efforts to get rid of IE6. Every little bit helps! 😀

    Nick Pettit
    Co-Founder and Lead Designer
    Done21 (creators of

  4. Try adding your website’s logo to IE6 updated warning… this might make it appear less like a virus.

  5. IE 6 Liberation Front August 10, 2009 at 4:41 pm -

    This is a Communique from the IE6LF:

    We will never surrender IE6…
    as long as there are grannies still using a 1999 Gateway with Windows 98,
    as long as there are children in Africa using dialup on an abandoned Dell Optilex from Seattle,
    as long as there are mobilizer web sites to strip the CSS out of your web site,

    We will carry forth with IE6 SP1 holding onto the faintest hope of SP2.

    IE 6 will rise again.

  6. I agree with DesignGoggles,
    it is important to let users know for instance that your site will be best viewed with other browsers, but using your logo will improve their experience a little bit, since it will be more personal and less harming.

    Also try to be touchy and say always we recommend instead of YOU NEED TO….

    Regards to everyone…

  7. Death to IE6 (and maybe one day IE). Cant believe the time and frustration that it creates and the users thereof all have the exact same personality…

  8. I am a IE6 user and I have/had a site over at that lilly white ass myspace. I cannot gain access to my page because I run IE6 and they have this blocking page that offers all kinds of other browsers. They know full well that people who are running IE6 cannot upgrade to any of the browsers being offered because most of us are using an older OS. So what if I choose to use IE6 so is that not my choice and my right. I am not making impossible demands on others who choose to use browsers of their own choice. So I am willing to take a chance with security issues so whats it to the people over at myspace or anyone else for that matter. Seems to me sites like myspace are guilty of “conversion” because they have taken control and blocked IE6 users from what is theirs. Who is to say that some pedophile hacker will not hack into our sites at myspace and gain entry to our personal informations and pictures of our innocent children and use them to their perverted and sick advantage. I sincerely hope some hacker hacks into the myspace and shuts the idiots down. Thank you kindly for reading this post.

  9. Savannah, your nice posting above is a perfect example of *why* we need to stop developing for IE6 immediately. I’m not quite sure what I’m more afraid of — the extraordinary number of rendering quirks in this piece of software, or the tone and mindset of its fervent users.

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