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How to disable Adobe updater

Adobe updater could be really annoying, though I find Adobe Creative Suite 3 as a masterpiece. Every time that you start Photoshop, Illustrator or Acrobat Adobe updater pops up and tries to download updates. It is also a big resource hog. So how can you

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How to avoid mistakes in graphic design business

Frankly speaking, a couple of times my graphic design ideas was stolen by unfair customers, even though I didn’t send them my works in good resolution or vector. You know, to repeat something is much easier and cheaper than to create from scratch. So now

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8 killer tips to better deal with graphic designer

Some people who are far from graphic design really think that graphic designers are very complicated people to deal with. Sometimes I even being asked such odd questions as “Don’t you come to prostration sometimes?’ or ”Do you able to vanish suddenly?” I‘d like to