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KitKat: a sense of interactivity

Google has developed an interest for tasty names offered to the successive versions of Android, its mobile operation system, as implication the current one is no exception. KitKat, as presented in the official picture promoting the upgrade, is represented as a bar of chocolate, provoking

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HD Nature Wallpapers

HD Nature Wallpapers Here’s a quick collection of 5 HD Nature Wallpapers. These Wallpapers will look great on any desktop, laptop, tablet or phone and provide inspiration to get off the computer and get outside. Simply download one of these and set it as your

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A Showcase of Beautiful Vintage Posters

Retro posters tend to have a certain look to them – a nostalgic, classy and elegant style of design. While different trends in design can come and go, and new mediums like the web alter how designs are done, there’s often a lot that can

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A Showcase of Beautiful & Functional Footers

Footers are often neglected when it comes to web design – all too often they’re the last thing that’s thought of, the bit that no-one really looks at. But for designers with a keen attention to detail, designers that want absolutely everything to be perfect,

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37 Geeky Christmas Cards

It’s November and not too early to start thinking about Christmas! The season of joy, giving and playing videogames. Of course one of the largest parts of Christmas is cards, a fantastic way to let old friends know you still care. Whether you prefer funny,

Logo Fresh Idea

Beating the logo Blues

How to think outside the box and come up with original logo designs for clients Designing logos is a really inventive way to make a living, or at least a partial living if you’re a wide ranging graphic designer. Each design is different and the

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25 Fresh Creative Brochure Designs

Greatly designed brochure is one of the most powerful marketing tools for any company. If it’s creative the brochure design will make a long lasting impression on your customers and partners. I handpicked for your inspiration the fresh and creative brochure designs from around the